David K Backus


Portrait of Dave Backus (2016). Oil on canvas (13x17in).

My colleague and friend David “Dave” K Backus died on June 12, 2016. As part of a series of events to commemorate his life and legacy, today we will dedicate a conference room in his honor. I painted this portrait for the occasion, based on one of the few photographs I was able to find (he was not wearing his NYU tee-shirt in the photo, that’s something I added).

Winter scene

Winter 10

Winter scene (2016). Watercolor on paper (9×12 in).

This is the 10th painting I post this summer. It will probably be the last, since I have a lot of traveling and work coming up in the next few weeks.

Study in green

Study in green

Study in green (2016). Watercolor on paper (9×12 in).

One of my greatest challenges is to paint trees, especially when there are several trees together. In this painting, I used masking fluid for some of the foliage in the background as well as the plant in the foreground.