Homage to Seago


Homage to Seago (2013). Watercolor on paper (16×12 in).

One of the things I’ve doing is to copy (or approximately copy) other artists. I hope they don’t mind. There is a long tradition of artists copying other artists. For example, some time ago I visited an exhibit at the Met on Velazquez and the impressionists. It’s quite impressive (pardon the pun) how many 19th century painters copied Velazquez, or at least were clearly inspired by his paintings: Manet, Sargent, Cassat, etc.

Edward Seago  (31 March 1910 – 19 January 1974) was an English artist who painted in both oils and watercolors. I am particularly fond of his watercolors, which frequently have that characteristic which is so difficult to attain: effortlessness. This is not an exact copy: I changed a few shapes and colors, but it’s clearly based on one of Seago’s great watercolors.


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